notice of emergency

John lives in a lighthouse. While at the lighthouse he is isolated and alone while providing a critical Maritime Service. Fortunately John was introduced to Carelife®, a few months after Carelife was installed at the lighthouse a malfunction in the light system led him to climb to the top of the lighthouse to perform a series of checks.

He was going down the last set of stairs, when his foot slipped, and his ankle twisted. He suffered intense pain that made it impossible for him to walk. The absence of movement in the monitored area triggered a warning from Carelife sensors; an alarm reached the family who notified emergency teams.

A few minutes later, a helicopter with medical assistance attended to the lighthouse keeper and evacuated John who had suffered a grade three ankle sprain. After recovering from a near disaster, John returned to the lighthouse feeling protected by Carelife®.

a risky pregnancy

The son of Melissa and José will be born in two months. During the week, she is alone at home. José works in the city, about 100 miles from home. After two faints, the doctors recommended rest for Melissa during the rest of her pregnancy.

Carelife® is the perfect solution to guarantee peace of mind for this couple: Melissa knows that José receives information in real time about activity at home. He checks his cell phone periodically and verifies that there are no changes in Melissa’s habits. The doctors who take care of Melissa also receive critical information in real time.

reminder for medication

Roseanne is 76 years old. She’s lived alone since March: her daughter Rachel moved to France for work reasons. Sometimes Roseanne forgets to take her heart medicines. Her daughter was in charge of reminding her and before her departure she found Carelife® an ideal solution to ensure that Roseanne continues her treatment.

Every evening, at 7:15 p.m., Roseanne listens to a voice message: “Hello! It’s time to take your Sintrom”. Motion sensors than record activity in the kitchen. Five minutes later, Rachel receives a confirmation by email. You see, the technicians who installed Carelife® configured the system to automatically send daily notices to their email inboxes. Mother and daughter feel safe knowing Carelife is on the job!