Carelife® is an intelligent system based on telemonitoring that automatically analyzes the health and well-being of a person. Sensors installed in the user’s home allow the system to track and analyze the daily routine of a person; signaling alarms automatically when it detects unusual or potentially dangerous situations.



Home care solution



Professional care solution



Professional care solution

How does it work Carelife®?

Carelife® includes a Care Console and wireless sensors.

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What situations does Carelife® detect?

Roseanne is 76 years old. She’s lived alone since March: her daughter Rachel moved to France for work reasons. Sometimes Roseanne forgets to take her heart medicines. Her daughter was in charge of reminding her and before her departure she found Carelife® an ideal solution to ensure that Roseanne continues her treatment …

What situations does Carelife® detect?

The son of Melissa and José will be born in two months. During the week, she is alone at home. José works in the city, about 100 miles from home. After two faints, the doctors recommended rest for Melissa during the rest of her pregnancy. Carelife® is the perfect solution to guarantee peace of mind for this couple: Melissa knows that José receives information in real time about  activity at home…

What situations does Carelife® detect?

John lives in a lighthouse. While at the lighthouse he is isolated and alone while providing a critical Maritime Service. Fortunately John was introduced to Carelife®, a few months after Carelife was installed at the lighthouse a malfunction in the light system led him to climb to the top of the lighthouse to perform a series of checks …

Who is Carelife® best suited for?



Allows the user to carefully and safely enjoy life with respect to their privacy while being in constant contact with loved ones.



Carelife allows family members to monitor daily routines at any time in a non-intrusive way.



Provides professional care givers the tools to manage their time more efficiently by allocating resources when and where they are needed, while simultaneously providing personalized care to their clients.