What is it?


Peace of mind

for the well being of loved ones

Carelife® is an intelligent system based on telemonitoring that automatically analyzes the health and well-being of a person.

Sensors installed in the user’s home allow the system to track and analyze the daily routine of a person; signaling alarms automatically when it detects unusual or potentially dangerous situations.

Thanks to Carelife®, a professional will have at a glance all the necessary information to adequately evaluate the situation, make necessary decisions and provide the necessary assistance.

In addition, authorized family members and caregivers may have access to information in real time and participate in the care of the user guaranteeing your peace of mind.

A new generation of care for independent living


Guaranteed provision of services telecare and medical follow-ups.


Carelife® is based on standards allowing for adaptive services and providing for the needs of current and future users.

Real time monitoring

Carelife® provides real time information guaranteeing peace of mind.

Quality of Care

The Carelife® system guarantees quality care. The information generated by Carelife® allows for immediate intervention by professionals, improving the quality of Care and achieving greater user satisfaction.

Efficiency in the management of resources

Permanently updates user information allowing professionals to be proactive, anticipate situations of risk, improve management and reduce costs (schedule tests, release routine tasks, avoid hospital admissions ...)


Carelife® guarantees confidentiality, integrity and availability of the information it deals with as well as restricted access to authorized users.

Personalized attention

The system can be configured by the professionals for a tailor-made follow-up of each user.


In case of any irregularity, the system sends an alert to the devices selected.

Practical information

All necessary information needed within a hands reach, a practical and simple way to exchange information. Carelife® allows for integration with other systems for a integral service.

The guarantee of Televes